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Saba sofa and sectionals: quality, ethics and passion

Saba Italia’s sofa and sectionals promote a relaxed design concept.  First, the concept is in the selection of materials, workmanship and manufacturing, strives to avoid excessiveness. Second, with attention to quality and ergonomics, Saba believes that sofa designs should not only be technically excellent, but also can respond to its users’ desire in comfort and beauty.

Technological innovation

Furthermore, in our books, quality is about accuracy, whether its about measurements or details. Saba sofa uses ultra-high-precision machinery and highly skilled craftsmen to achieve precision and beauty in all the details.

Selection of quality materials

The selection of excellent materials for our sofa or sectionals underpins each new project. Finally, what distinguishes Saba is its unmistakable style in combining each shape with the poetry of its colours and the material of its textiles. At the end, each collection has its own distinctive nature and design, so that the various models can be shaped and adapted to ergonomic comfort.


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