Silicon Valley Design Center For Designers

Stand Out From the Competition

Interior Design is a Competitive Field

Why not Give Yourself the Edge?

When they see many designers’ proposals, things start blurring in your potential client’s mind.

More of the same.

Playing it safe.

For the designer, it is competing with others while not offering any real distinctive advantage.

No wonder why so many are frustrated.


What if you could jump to the front of the line with literally little or no competition?


 With SVCDesignCenter, you have the most sophisticated and contemporary choices.

One look at Tredi’s kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other designs – and your client will realize there is something else going on here..

Clean lines, Flowing patterns, Styles one sees only in high-end magazines.  

In short – what many homeowners secretly desire,. But didn’t know where to find.

Tredi’s modern Italian design and furniture will certainly set their home apart from the rest.

And as their designer – you get the credit for it.


Why Partnering with the Silicon Valley Contemporary Design Center Can be Your Ticket to Success

It is no secret that we live in an ever-changing world.

People are not settling for the status quo anymore.

They are looking for the new. The better. The different.

Not only to indulge themselves.

But also to impress their guests.

Wedelivers all that.

And more.

When you bring your client to our showroom.

When they see the finish selection.  From glass, to brass, to stainless steel, to wood.

The palette of colors.  From black to white, to almost any color in between.

The hardware options for handles, faucets, and hinges.

And witnessing their room being created right in front of their eyes using our advanced design software.


Their heart widens.

Their mind opens

Their jaw drops.


And the conversation shifts from budget limitations – to expanding possibilities.

Seeing is Believing.  Touching is Remembering.

We’d like to invite you to have a firsthand experience with Tredi Interiors.

Schedule a 30 minutes to one hour visit to our showroom, where we can demonstrate:

  • The large selection of finishes and colors
  • The whisper-quiet gliding of drawers and closing of cabinets
  • The sensations of surfaces, from glass to stainless steel, to wood
  • And the flexible design we can put together for your clients so that they get their picture-perfect room, or even their entire house.

It’s time to gain your edge