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Arrital Ak_04 A  Modular and flexible kitchen design

Arrital Modern Italian Kitchen AK_04 combines modularity and flexibility. In addtion, its design included many hi-tech materials.  First of all, AK_04’s cabinet doors are made from a patented aluminum frame.  Therefore, they are lightweight, solid, and slim.  Furthermore, it enhances the value of the kitchen with 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels in many finishes.

Secondly, the Fenix Ntm® is a nanotechnology material.  This material makes the Italian kitchen surface extremely compact and waterproof.  Additionally, traditional materials such as Corian®, antique oak, flamed wood finishes are also available. Thirdly, this design uses the extra-clear tempered glass, glossy, matte finishes. Finally,  its professional door can be stainless steel or porcelain. 

Designer: Franco Driusso

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