Arrital Ultimate italian Kitchen

Silicon Valley Contemporary Design Center is a branch of TREDI INTERIORS Arrital California Agent

Arrital Kitchen offers six versions of modern Italian kitchen designs

1. AK project

Italian modern kitchen designer Arrital kichens’ AK project combines beauty and practicality.  Furthermore, the system is modular with many available finishes. This ensures Arrital’s kitchen designs are tailor-made to suit user needs. In addition, the same project can adapt to all finishes, without any big changes.  Finally, the multiple opening solutions make the project practical, ergonomic and pleasing to the eye.
Designer: Franco Driusso

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Arrital - Top quality modern Italian kitchen design ak_project
Italian Modern Kitchen Arrital ak_04

2. AK_04 project

Arrital kitchen AK_04 is a modern kitchen project that combines modular flexibility, compact surfaces and waterproof countertops.  As usual this design comes with many materials, finish, and color choices.

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3. AK_05 

Arrital modern Italian kitchen project AK_05 features a delicate slanted cut, lacquered handles, and hide-able fastening system. In addition, many high-tech finishes such as oxidised, glossy and matt lacquer. Moreover, the new internal storage solution optimizes the storage spaces.

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Italian modern kitchen cabinets Arrital AK_05_20
Arrital modern Italian Kitchen AK_07

4. Arrital AK_07

Arrital Kitchen’s AK_07 model has five variations to offer a diverse range of spaces and styles. Additionally, this design can easily fit into a wide range of spaces.  For examples, it can fit comfortably into a country cottage as well as a city dwelling.  Finally,  the AK_07 design is pratcical and saves spaces.

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Arrital AKB_08 Professional and practical

The Arrital AKB_08 is an exclusive project completed by two kitchen experts: Designer Franco Driusso and Chef Andrea Berton.  This project  is is aimed to serve as a professional kitchen at home.  As a result, this home kitchen design can accommodate a professional cook. Above all, the kitchen appliances accessories and materials have been carefully designed for performance and beauty.

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Modern italian Kitchen Arrital AK_08_3
Modern italian Kitchen Arrital AK_FeelingHome_5

6. Arrital AK_FeelingHome

In AK_FeelingHome, Arrital designs daytime open space beyond the kitchen.  During the day, the kitchen area is a place of sharing between family members and friends. Feeling Home, tailored and flexible project transforms space into a place of well-being and pleasure.

FeelingHome includes the K_Lounge, Arrital’s solutions in modular compositions dedicated to the day area. K_Lounge combines technology and practicality harmoniously with design and material. FeelingHome also offers a collection of accessories that transforms spaces with a unique style.

Designer: Franco Driusso

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