Interiors designed and Made in Italy

Riflessi home interiors: a perfect mix of aesthetics, function and craftsmanship.

Modern home interiors by Riflessi combine beauty, elegance, sophistication and functionality with individual ideas and concepts. Its customer-oriented approach includes outstanding services, attention for details and innovative interior designs.  Your Riflessi home interior will become a true reflection of your inner self.

Riflessi’s modern home interiors offer include: tables, chairs, extendable and fixed consoles, mirrors, sideboards, cabinets, accessories, and lamps. All Italian design and Italian manufacturing. Therefore, each design comes with superior quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technologies.

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Modern home interior Riflessi Fixed Console Bridge

Riflessi creates Italian home interiors with a rigorous style, combining shapes whose beauty is measured with the practical needs of typical contemporary homes. The project, the technology, and the research of materials are born in-house from a team of Italian architects, engineers, and designers.