Ideagroup Sense

The revamped style of the highly successful Sense modern bathroom furniture collection brings texture forward.  Novelties include the new ‘Line’ handle in aluminum. The range of mirrored cabinets with a new aluminum lighting on top.  The Sense collection of modern bathroom furniture successfully adapts to changing lifestyles with the right combination of design and tradition.   Explore Sense

Ideagroup Cubik

The Cubik modern bathroom furniture line by Ideagroup gets a new look in new modular solutions and finishes:  the aluminum-framed glass doors. This project fits naturally into any environment and harmonize with many different lifestyles.  Explore Cubik

Ideagroup NYÙ

Nyù by Aqua, is a collection of discreet, elegant bathroom furniture with clean-cut details can adapt to the most diverse styles and contemporary living trends. Nyù bathrooms offer a balanced combination of sophisticated materials and attractive colors, with every single detail perfectly in line with the style of the home and those who live in it.  Explore Nyù

Ideagroup Dolcevita

Dolcevita by Aqua modern bathroom collection is dedicated to those who appreciate a modern, sophisticated bathroom featuring contemporary elegance, craftsmanship and classical styling.  Explore Dolcevita

Ideagroup Dogma

Luxury meets industrial styling in Dogma by Aqua. This collection represents modern, minimalistic bathroom furniture, made unique by new materials and unconventional use of geometrical shapes.  Explore Dogma

Ideagroup Form

Form by Idea is a collection of highly customizable modern bathroom furniture.  In this collection, cabinets can be floor-standing or suspended, linear or curved, doors with grip profiles or framed.  Refined coordination and choices of finishes and colors make Form a versatile piece in any bathroom.  Explore Form

Ideagroup Mytime

My Time by Idea is a collection of furniture for modern bathrooms that appeal to those who love contrasts: the warmth of the materials for an intimate atmosphere with an irreverent touch of color.

Design moves away from the traditional concept of bathroom décor, seeking ambience that enhances comfort and emotions. Shapes, materials and colors interact to create an informal but rigorous modern bathroom atmosphere.  Available for all tastes and style enthusiasts.  Explore Mytime

Ideagroup My Seventy Plus

My Seventy Plus modern bathroom furniture by Idea explores all the shapes of designer bathroom furniture, from soft, gentle to linear ones. My Seventy Plus can create endless compositions.

There are numerous opportunities for customisation: over a hundred colours, cabinet and wash basin finishes, materials.  Explore My Seventy Plus