Designed and Made in Italy

San Giacomo, Furniture Imagined, Designed and Made in Italy

SANGIACOMO was established in 1968 in Brugnera, in the province of Pordenone. In 1971, San Giacomo moved to its current location at Cecchini di Pasiano. In 1987 San Giacomo acquired the Meson’s kitchens, a historical brand founded in 1963.

San Giacomo’s passion for research and innovation bring them beyond the European borders.  Using top quality materials and implementing refind designs make San Giacomo brand unique and distinctiguished.

San Giacomo Sideboard Cidori


SANGIACOMO has achieved continuous successes thanks to the courage, creativity, and the passion in creating its products. Its impeccable product quality makes SANGIACOMO competitive.  As always, San Giocomo continues to make improvments by investing in research and development and maintain consistently high customer satisfaction by providing the best customer support.


SANGIACOMO furniture systems offers products in a wide choice of materials, sizes, customizable accessories. Additionally,  SANGIACOMO’s production technology provides customization and quality control for every product.  Its selection and use of materials meet the most stringent regulations.  

San Giacomo TV shelve system in Yellow