Silicon Valley Contemporary Design Center

Providing the best of Contemporary European Designs

We are a team of experienced Italian modern furniture designers and brand representatives in California.

In 2015, we established our first showroom in Los Gatos.  Since then, we have put Italian design in many of the homes in Silicon Valley. Due to the increasing demand, we now have showrooms in Northern and Southern California.  Our showrooms display many of the leading Modern Italian brands.  Additionally, we display for you the flexibility of design and infinite choices available.

We are passionate about Italian modern furniture.  Its simplicity, high performance of materials, and refined beauty transforms any living spaces.

First, Modern Italian designs use technology to develop materials that have high quality, high performance, and beauty. As a result all products have gone through extensive research for best finishes and durability.  As a result, our contemporary Italian interior is long lasting and looks fresh for a long time.

Second, Modern Italian designs are modular.  In addition, it offers a large variety of choices in materials, finishes, and colors. Therefore, creating with Italian modern designs can make your spaces unique and personal.

Our latest showroom, The Silicon Valley Contemporary Design Center is a joint effort between the well known Tredi Interiors LLC and All Italian Brands LLC.  Together, we bring to you the latest and the best in Italian interiors.  This showroom showcases top Italian kitchen, bathroom, living room, dinning room designs and more.

Finally, we invite you to come visit our showroom. See for yourself our products, service and creativity. All the products in our showroom are 100% Italian.  We look forward to working with you and build your dream home.